All About the Levkoviches

A bittersweet dramedy about grief, family and the fact that everyone is always right.

FILM/MUSIC: The Undesirable

Special guest: Attila Pacsay, composer of the restored silent movie - Febr 27

Cinema Niche presents: Do Not Expect Too Much From the End of the World

On February 24, Cinema Niche returns with Radu Jude's latest film.

Tobacco Barns

7-year-old Vera spends the summer on her grandfather's tobacco farm, where she meets a friendly magical creature

Dune – Part Two - Pre-premier

Before Permier on 28th March at 7:00 p.m

Whale Nation / Pre-Premier Screening

Breathtaking nature film on 24th February at 5:00 p.m


Christian Petzold's work won the Silver Bear Award

Screenings at Victims of Communism Memorial Day

We remember the films of Barnabás Tóth and Paweł Pawlikowski

Bob Marley: One Love

The story of Bob Marley goes through the path of his revolutionary music


A mother is torn between her family and the search for truth in a racist society.

Perfect Days

"Perhaps Wim Wenders' most perfect film" - Welt

One Life

A moving true story starring Anthony Hopkins.

The Zone of Interest

The Cannes grand prize-winning movie

And the king said, what a fantastic machine

What have we used the camera for since 1895?


The first feature film by Boross Martin, who leads the STEREO AKT theater company, takes you to a small Hungarian village.


One day, a new python arrives at the traveling circus, which arouses the curiosity of Árni, who works as a handyman.
»Feb. 21. – Wednesday«
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Semmelweis (12)

TicketsCall Us14:00     Fábri terem

A Succesful Man (16)

TicketsCall Us14:00     Csortos terem

And the king said, what a fantastic machine (16)

TicketsCall Us15:45     Fábri terem

Poor Things (18)

TicketsCall Us15:45     Csortos terem

The Promised Land (16)

TicketsCall Us16:00     Díszterem

Smoke Sauna Sisterhood (16)

TicketsCall Us18:00     Díszterem

One Life (12)

TicketsCall Us18:00     Csortos terem

The Taste of Things (12)

TicketsCall Us18:30     Fábri terem

Dream Scenario (16)

TicketsCall Us20:30     Fábri terem

One Life (12)

TicketsCall Us20:30     Csortos terem

Past Lives (12)

TicketsCall Us20:30     Díszterem

The Zone of Interest (16)

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