The Unbeatables

animation/adventure, Spain/Argentina, 106 min, 2013
in Spanish with English subtitles and Hungarian voice-over

Show times:

Director: Juan José Campanella

Cast: David Masajnik, Lucía Maciel, Pablo Rago, Fabian Gianola, Horacio Fontova, Miguel Ángel Rodriguez, Coco Sily, Diego Ramos

Amadeo lives in a small and unknown village. He works at a bar where he has proven to be the greatest foosball player. He is in love with Lara although she doesn't know it. His good old days go down to pieces when Ace, a young man from the neighborhood, becomes the greatest football player in the world and returns in order to avenge his defeat at a foosball match. With his foosball table, bar and soul shattered, Amadeo suddenly stumbles upon something magical on his way: The players of his beloved foosball board are alive, and they are willing to help him out! Together, they will venture into a journey of dangers and wonders in an attempt to save Lara, recover their village and become a competitive and proper football team. But, are there miracles in football?

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