Made in Mexico

20 april 2018 20:00 - 21:48

Location: Díszterem

It's like the greatest DJ in the world decided to make a mix out of the best of every possible style of modern Mexican music and even he can't believe what a great job he did. It’s a movie that’s craft alone will make you look over the person sitting next to you and repeatedly mouth the word „WOW!” (KCRW – First Take)

From Diego Luna, Alejandro Fernandez and Kinky to Carla Morrison, Molotov, Lila Downs and Chavela Vargas, Duncan Bridgeman weaves a cinematic tapestry composed of original songs and insights from the most iconic artists and performers of contemporary Mexico. With striking visuals, the movie captures the rich diversity of Mexican geography, art, music, and culture. It is a rare look at the country's real identity, and an unparalleled celebration of what it truly means: “Made in Mexico”.

Ticket price: 2400 HUF

The screening takes place with the kind help of the Embassy of Mexico in Budapest.

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Director: Duncan Bridgeman

Cast: Diego Luna, Kinky, Lila Downs

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