16th Romanian Film Week

Seven new works from the last two years Romanian cinema

15 november 2022 - 19 november 2022

Location: Díszterem

The films will be screened in the original language, with Hungarian subtitles.

Standard ticket: 1,800 HUF
The discounted ticket price for students and pensioners is HUF 1,400
(The discount can only be validated when buying tickets at the box office, with proof of entitlement.)

November 15. 2022, Tuesday

7.00 pm
Immaculate / Imaculat
 – Opening screening
drama, 2021, 114 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Monica Stan és George Chiper-Lillemark

November 16. 2022, Wednesday

8.00 pm
Uppercase Print / Tipografic majuscul
historical feature film, 2020, 128 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Radu Jude

November 17. 2022, Thursday

5.30 pm
You Are Ceausescu to Me / Pentru mine tu ești Ceaușescu
documentary film, 2021, 101 min
in Romanian, English and German with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Sebastian Mihăilescu

7.30 pm
Young Dictator/ Tinerețea unui dictator
historical feature film, 2021, 120 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Andy Lupu
The film's director Andy Lupu, will be our guest at the screening.

November 18. 2022, Friday

6.00 pm
Us Against Us / Noi împotriva noastră
documentary film, 2020, 74 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Andra Tarara

8.00 pm
Wetland of the Jackals / Grindul șacalilor
romantic comedy, 2021, 102 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Nap Toader

November 19. 2022, Saturday

6.00 pm
Immaculate / Imaculat
drama, 2021, 114 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Monica Stan és George Chiper-Lillemark

8:30 pm
Mia Misses Her Revenge/ Mia își ratează răzbunarea
feature film, 2020, 82 min
in Romanian with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Bogdan Theodor Olteanu

The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

The event is realized in cooperation of the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Uránia National Film Theater, with the support of the Romanian Film Center (CNC) and the Hungarian National Cultural Fund.

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16th Romanian Film Week: Immaculate

The film was awarded in Venice, it was written from real experiences in the drug therapy

16th Romanian Film Week: Uppercase Print

A Radu Jude film about the dragging of a graffiti boy during the Ceausescu dictatorship

16th Romanian Film Week: Young Dictator

Historical feature film about the youth of Nicolae Ceauşescu - Our special guest: Andy Lupu

16th Romanian Film Week: You Are Ceausescu to Me

A movie about the casting of a Ceausescu role

16th Romanian Film Week: Us Against Us

A personal documentary about a father-daughter relationship and the possibility of happiness

16th Romanian Film Week: Wetland of the Jackals

A scratchy-romantic road movie of two lonely souls from the mountains to the sea

16th Romanian Film Week: Mia Misses Her Revenge

Fun movie drama about finding a partner for a love revenge video what is not too easy
»Jul. 22. – Monday«
TicketsCall Us14:00     Díszterem

Bernadette (12)

TicketsCall Us14:30     Fábri terem

Marguerite's Theorem (16)

TicketsCall Us15:00     Csortos terem

All Your Faces (16)

TicketsCall Us16:00     Díszterem

Meet the Leroys (16)

TicketsCall Us17:00     Fábri terem

The Magnet Man (12)

TicketsCall Us17:30     Csortos terem

La Chimera (16)

TicketsCall Us18:00     Díszterem

It's Raining Men (16)

TicketsCall Us19:30     Fábri terem

Explanation for Everything (16)

TicketsCall Us20:00     Díszterem

Fly Me to the Moon (12)

TicketsCall Us20:00     Csortos terem

Perfect Days (12)

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