Five Times Brazil

Five titles from the diverse contemporary Brazilian cinema - between May 3 and June 17

3 may 2023 - 17 june 2023

Location: Díszterem

Between May 3rd and June 17th, the Hungarian public will have the opportunity to watch five contemporary Brazilian productions at Uránia Film Theater in a selection that reflects the diversity of Brazil’s film industry.

The name chosen for this first Brazilian screening series - 5 Times Brazil - refers to the 1962 Cinema Novo classic “5 x Favela”, a film composed by five segments directed by different prestigious Brazilian directors disclosing social problems in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. A spin-off was released in 2010 – “5 x favela, Now by Ourselves”, a collection of five shorts made by young filmmakers who grew up in favelas.

Eduardo and Monica (René Sampaio, 2022) is an unlikely love story inspired by the lyrics of a famous song by Renato Russo. The Kiss (Murilo Benício, 2018) is based on a 1961 theater play written by Nelson Rodrigues and tells the story of a man who grants the request for a kiss on the lips made by a person who was about to die victim of a hit and run. Pedro, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Laís Bodanzky, 2022) is a semifictional narrative about the story of Brazil’s first emperor returning to Europe on board of an English ship after having abdicated the throne. Directed by the son of the legendary filmmaker Glauber Rocha, the documentary Cinema Novo (Eryk Rocha, 2016) is a film essay that poetically investigates the eponymous Brazilian film movement, the most prominent in Latin America in the past century, through the analysis of its main auteurs. The season will be closed by Vermelho Monet (Halder Gomes, 2023) that follows the story of a tormented painter who was just released from prison and wants to start his life anew, but everything changes when an art dealer gets in his way.

5 Times Brazil is the first partnership between Urania National Film Theater and the Embassy of Brazil in Budapest aimed specifically at promoting Brazilian films in Hungary.

May 3., Wednesday 7.30 pm
Eduardo and Monica / Eduardo e Mônica
romantic drama, 2022, 114 min
in original language with Hungarian and English subtitles

May 16., Tuesday 7.30 pm
O Beijo no Asfalto
drama, 2018, 110 min
in original language with Hungarian subtitles

May 30., Tuesday 7.30 pm
Pedro, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea / A viagem de Pedro
historical drama, 2022, 96 min
in original language with Hungarian subtitles

June 6., Tuesday 7.30 pm
Cinema Novo

documentary, 2016, 92 min
in original language with Hungarian subtitles

June 17., Saturday 7.30 pm
Vermelho Monet
crime drama, 2023, 135 min
in original language with Hungarian subtitles

Jegyár: 1.800 Ft
Kedvezményes jegyár: 1.400 Ft
Kedvezménytípusok: diák-, pedagógus- és nyugdíjaskedvezmény (a pénztárban érvényesíthető)

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