Let cinema be an experience for the hearing impaired too

23 september 2017 - 24 june 2018

Location: Díszterem

As a part of a special film screening series, Uránia Cinema will showcase several Hungarian films – many of which will premiere as a part of this program – starting on the last Sunday of September 2016. The film theater will screen the films in the program with special closed captioning in Hungarian (marking both dialogues and non-dialogue noises) to facilitate the needs of deaf and hearing-impaired viewers.  About 10 percent of Hungary’s population (almost one million people) lives with some form of hearing impairment: about 60 000 people are deaf, and around 300 000 are seriously hard of hearing. Having the experience of watching Hungarian films at the cinema is not an obvious opportunity for them.
Our screening series will hopefully result in not only a positive cinematic experience for the viewers, but will also have a community-building effect. We do not only invite deaf and hard of hearing viewers for the program, but also interested movie fans, as well as non-Hungarian viewers studying the language.
The screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions with the filmmakers, with the help of a sign language interpreter. A discounted ticket price of 1000 HUF will be available for those purchasing more than one ticket.


Upcoming screenings:

May 13, 2018, 14:30pm
Lajkó - Cigány az űrben (12) (2018)

April 22, 2018, 15:30pm
Balaton - On the Shore of The Hungarian Sea (6) (2018)

March 25, 2018, 14.30pm
A Kind of America 3 (12) (2018)

March 4, 2018, 15.00pm
The Butcher, the Whore and the One-Eyed Man (18) (2017)

February 4, 2018, 3.00pm
The Whisky Robber (12) (2017)

December 10, 2017, 3.00pm
Budapest Noir (16) (2017)

November 19, 2017, Sunday 2.30pm
Aurora Borealis - Északi fény (12) (2017)

October 10, 2017, Sunday 3.00pm
The Boys of Paul Street (12) (1969)

September 23, 2017, Saturday 6:30pm
Behind the Column (12) (2017)
In the presence of actor Bezerédi Zoltán, Bánki Gergely, Kalocsay Mercedes, Ónodi Gábor
and the producer Herendi Gábor

June 25, 2017, Sunday 3:30pm
Kincsem (12) (2017)

April 16, 2017, Sunday 2pm
The Citizen (12) (2017)

March 12, 2017, Sunday 2:30pm
On Body and Soul (16) (2017)

February 19, 2017, Sunday, 4pm
Szülei szeme (12) (2015)

January 22, 2017., Sunday 1:30pm
Isteni műszak (16) (2013)

December 18, Sunday, 2:30pm
Az ajtó (12) (2012)
In the presence of director István Szabó

December 4, Sunday 10:30am
Lúdas Matyi (korhatár nélkül) (1976)

November 20, Sunday 2pm
Cop Mortem (2016)

November 6, Sunday 2pm
Kút (16) (2016)

October 23, 2016, Sunday 11am
A vizsga (12) (2011)

October 9, 2016, Sunday 4:30pm
Ernelláék Farkaséknál (16) (2016)
In the presence of actress Erika Tankó

September 25, 2016, Sunday 5pm
Tiszta szívvel (16) (2016)
In the presence of editor Márton Gothár

A projekt az Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma támogatásával valósul meg.
Szakmai partnerünk a Siketek és Nagyothallók Országos Szövetsége.

A tough guy turned star. He did something others wouldn't dare. Always one step ahead of the cops and always downed a whiskey before robbing a bank. Growing up in a broken home Attila (Bence Szalay) was a troubled teenager, even spent time in a youth prison. Through a rather bizarre turn of events he escaped to Hungary from Transylvania. But his new life turned out to be much harder than the old one. He was the goal-keeper on a hockey team, but still had no money, no girlfriend; but then he found something that he's really good at. He was reckless, fast and meticulous. He started robbing post offices, banks, travel offices. The more he stole, the hungrier he got. Nothing was enough for himself and his new love (Piroska Móga). But his final job didn't go as planned and the determined investigator, (Zoltán Schneider) who's long been on his tail finally caught him and made him face the consequences. But the cop-robber game is far from over. A story of a fascinating life, full of amazing...

Director: Nimród Antal

Cast: Bence Szalay, Piroska Móga, Zoltán Schneider, Viktor Klem, György Gazsó

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