II. Budapest Classic Film Marathon: The Leopard

Il gattopardo
Drama, History | Italy, France, 186 min, 1963
in Italian with Hungarian and English subtitles

Show times:

Director: Luchino Visconti

Cinematographer: Giuseppe Rotunno 
Music: Nino Rota

Cast: Burt Lancaster, Claudia Cardinale, Alain Delon, Paolo Stoppa, Rina Morelli, Terence Hill

Special Guest: Claudia Cardinale

If one were to think of single-work authors, that is, writers whose name was made unforgettable by just a single work, the name of the Prince of Lampedusa springs to mind. The love story in question is The Leopard, an apparent adventure novel yet in truth very autobiographical, which extols and at the same time mourns a past moral order and lifestyle. The world defined by holidays, balls, receptions and formal visits starts to change with the landing of Garibaldi: or more precisely, that is when traces of decay start to appear. The important and out-and-out Italian figure of the Italian novel genre and film Don Fabrizio was not actually played by an Italian but by Burt Lancaster. However, what is truly memorable in this film is not the American actor but rather Claudia Cardinale and the young Alain Delon playing Tancredi Falconeri.

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Ticket price: 1800 HUF
Tickets are available at the Cassa of the Urania National Film Theatre (open every day 10:30-21:00, Credit Cards are accepted) and in the Ticket Sale System of Interticket (available in English too).

»Jun. 16. – Sunday«
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