In Her Place

drama, Canada/South Korea, 115 min, 2014
in Korean with English subtitles and Hungarian voice-over

Show times:

Director: Albert Shin

Cast: Da-kyung Yoon, Ji-hye Ahn, Hae-yeon Kil, Seung-cheol Kim, Chang-hwan Kim, Kyung-Ik Kim

An affluent city woman arrives at a desolate South Korean farm where a pregnant teenaged girl and her mother have agreed to let her secretly adopt the girl's unborn child. As the pregnancy progresses and the three women fall into a new rhythm of life together, their business arrangement becomes more than they bargained for. Both the girl’s mother and the women are determined to make the arrangement work, but things become complicated when the baby's father surfaces. As the social pressure to bare children and continue the family bloodline is immense, secret adoptions are still not uncommon in Korea. The director on his film: “For In Her Place, I wanted each character to be afforded the chance to give their point of view. Nobody is right and nobody is wrong; these are just people searching for a hopeful situation that would offer them a second chance. However, like in real-life, there must be also consequences for actions.”

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