Exhibition: Canaletto and the Art of Venice

Exhibition On Screen series, 90 min, 2017
in English with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: David Bickerstaff

Co-written by David Bickerstaff and Phil Grabsky

EXHIBITION ON SCREEN open its fifth season with Canaletto & the Art of Venice, an immersive
journey into the life and art of Venice’s famous view-painter.
No artist better captures the essence and allure of Venice than Giovanni Antonio Canal, better
known as Canaletto. Despite Canaletto’s close relationship with the city in which he lived and died,
the world’s largest collection of his works resides not in his native Italy, but in Britain as part of the
Royal Collection. In 1762, George III purchased almost the entire collection amassed by Joseph Smith,
British Consul in Venice and Canaletto’s principal agent.
EXHIBITION ON SCREEN’s latest release will grant unique access to the Royal Collection’s
exceptional holdings of Canaletto's work, much of which is on display as part of the exhibition
Canaletto & the Art of Venice at The Queen’s Gallery (19 May - 12 November). The remarkable group of
over 200 paintings, drawings and prints on display offer unparalleled insight into the artistry of
Canaletto and his contemporaries, and the city he became a master at capturing. The film also offers
the chance to step inside two official royal residences - Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle - to
learn more about the artist, and Joseph Smith, the man who introduced Canaletto to Britain.
From London, Canaletto & the Art of Venice will travel to the great Italian city to explore the origins of
Canaletto’s art. Whilst appearing to be faithful representations of the city, Canaletto's skill came from
his manipulation of reality. He moved buildings around or opened up vistas to create the perfect
composition, and his paintings of Venice were highly sought after by Grand Tourists. His playful
imagination extended into a new genre in which he excelled. The 'capriccio' combined real and
fantasy architecture into imagined views. In this sense, Canaletto is more than a topographical artist -
he is a master storyteller.
Cinema-goers will embark on their very own 21st century Grand Tour, visiting the sites enjoyed by
their 18th century counterparts and immortalised in Canaletto’s views - from the Rialto Bridge to the
Piazza San Marco, and the Palazzo Ducale to the Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. Guided by Royal
Collection Trust curators and the world’s leading experts in Venetian history, the film is not only a
wonderful way to see the exhibition, but an opportunity to get closer to Canaletto and the city that
inspired him.

Ticket information

Ticket price: 3600 HUF

For students, pensioners, teachers: 3200 HUF

Tickets are available at the Cassa of the Urania National Filmtheater (open every day 11:00-20:30, Credit Cards are accepted) and in the Ticket Sale System of Interticket and Jegymester (available in English too)

Premier: 2017.11.11.

Distributor: Cikanek Management

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