Spanish Film Week 2022: Piggy

Spanish psychological horror, 90 min, 2022
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Carlota Pereda

Cast: Camille Aguilar, Carmen Machi, Claudia Salas, Fred Adenis, Irene Ferreiro, José Pastor, Laura Galán, Mabel del Pozo, Pilar Castro, Richard Holmes

With the summer sun beating down on her rural Spanish town, Sara (Laura Galán) hides away in her parent's butcher shop. A teenager whose excess weight makes her the target of incessant bullying, she flees a clique of capricious girls who torment her at the town pool, only to stumble upon them being brutally kidnapped by a stranger, who drives off with them in his van. When the police begin asking questions, Sara keeps quiet. Intrigued by the stranger—an interest that's mutual—she's torn between revealing the truth and protecting the man who saved her.

We do not recommend viewing the film under the age of 18!

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»Dec. 11. – Monday«
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