Classics Film Marathon: Car Of Dreams

Hungarian comedy, 84 min, 1934
In Hungarian with English subtitles

Show times:

Director: Béla Gál

Screenplay by: Miklós Vitéz, László Vadnay, Director of Photography: Heinrich Balasch, Music by: Alfréd Márkus

Cast: Zita Perczel, Jenő Törzs, Gyula Kabos, Ella Gombaszögi, Gyula Gózon, Lili Berky

A light play around a 'dram-car' and of course love, where the rich car-salon owner fells love with a poor, but attractive young girl. To reach her hands, he makes as if she had won the car as a prize, and to get close to her, he offers his service as a chauffeur with sharing the income to prove that he's poor too. At the end of course everything turns out and we get the casual happy end. Sadly, the best piece of action, the wonderful way of Gyula Kabos's speeches and dialogues is only meaningful for Hungarian viewers.

More programmes of the Budapest Classics Film Marathon 2019 in Urania National Filmtheatre.

Pénztárnyitás és Emeleti kávézó: Az első előadás előtt 30 perccel.
Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel.

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