Budapest Classic Film Marathon: A Day in the Country

Partie de campagne
French comedy, romance, bw, 40 min, 1946
in French with Hungarian and English subtitles

Show times:

Director: Jean Renoir

Screenplay by Jean Renoir
Director of photographyClaude Renoir
Music by Joseph Kosma
Cast: Sylvia Bataille, Georges D’Arnoux, Jane Marken

Open Archives / CineRenoir

Introduction: Rita Boronyák, researcher, archivist, National Film Institute - Film Archive

Supporting film: La direction d'acteur par Jean Renoir / Jean Renoir's direction of actors
(La direction d'acteur par Jean Renoir, French short, bw, 1969, dir: Gisèle Braunberger, Language: French, Subtitles: Hungarian, English, 27’)

One Sunday afternoon, M. Dufour and family take a trip out into the country. Filled with good spirits, they arrive at a small inn where they plan to have a picnic. From the dining room, two bored young men spy Dufour’s daughter, Henriette, on a swing. The bold Rodolphe immediately decides to try his luck while the more cautious Henri hesitates. Finally they agree to invite the ladies for a short trip on a rowing boat. Jean Renoir began shooting A Day in the Country in 1936, but inclement weather and other projects meant he was unable to complete the film. In the end, the work, which today is celebrated as the filmmaking realization of Impressionism and forerunner of Neorealism, debuted in cinemas a decade later, in 1946.

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»Dec. 6. – Wednesday«
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Well Done! (12)

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El comensal (16)

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Explanation for Everything (16)

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The Nature of Love (16)

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Semmelweis (12)

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Anatomy of a Fall (16)

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Napoleon (16)

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The First Day of My Life - Pre -Premier (16)

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