Animated Horror Films

27 november 2022 00:20 - 01:30

Location: Diszterem

Operation Frankenstein
José María Fernández de Vega, Spain, 2022, 11'
Three siblings find a broken mannequin in the dumpster and decide to rebuild it using whatever they can find. After that, they try to animate it like Dr. Frankenstein did with his monster.

Juliette COSTES, Joanna CHARPENTIER, Mélanie HYVERT, Lisa PEREZ, Victoria WARD, France, 2022, 5'5"
June is a young architect, freshly out of school. She is already flooded with work, working overtime, day and night until a small leak in her apartment gets out of hand. June ends up struggling against her own burn out, trying to save her work, without any consideration for her mental health. She drowns in her anxiety but finally decides to let go and focus on what really matters, herself and her well being.

Lewis van der Werf, Netherlands, 2021, 2'9"
We witness the dying hour of the Alfa male of a wolfpack. As he howls to the moon we see how he gave his life for the pack.

Emeric MEYER, Yann DOMINGIE, France, 2021, 4'29"
Ylva must deliver the souls of viking warriors, imprisoned in a mountain. For that she will have to face a demon.

La Soglia
Nicolò Tonani, Simone Colombo, Sofia Gasparetti, Italy, 2022, 4'29"
A serial killer, taking refuge in a hotel after being identified by the police, faces his inner demon, a bloodthirsty snake who reclaims a new victim. The tempting reptile tries to persuade the man to reap another soul making him face the trauma that made him a ruthless killer.

Beasts among us
Natalia Durszewicz, Poland, 2021, 6'
Set in a surreal scenery, the film tells about the role reversal of victims and predators. It shows the world we live in from the perspective of the most vulnerable. Every day, they are being killed, eaten, exploited for entertainment, doomed to be stuck in the lower social class, abused. A world full of inequality, division, brutality and a constant struggle for survival. In such a reality, it is difficult to remain innocent. Prey turns into predator, predator turns into prey.

Julia Siuda, Poland, 2021, 5'
The film deals with the problem of growing anger, frustration and aggression that seeks an outlet. The heroine of the film is a person who loses control of her anger. Losing herself in emotions, she cannot stand the tension. The animation shows suppressed anger and imaginary physical violence with frugal but expressive plasticity that uses organic dense lines and appropriately expressive color. Natural sounds (like broken bones and injured body parts) enhance the naturalistic message of emotions.

Misophonia Orchestra
Daniela Hýbnerová, Czech Republic, 2022, 5'59"
Noises coming from neighbouring flats take shape of their creators and break into the flat of a young lady, who is driven mad by this horrorful sound orchestra and so she has to learn how to live with her problem.

Tear Off
Clément Del Negro, Charlotte Fargier, Héloïse Neveu, Camille Souchard, Nalini Bashin, Mikko Petremand, Matthias Bourgeuil, France, 2022, 5'48"
A young bee must overcome her condition if she is to survive the DESTRUCTIVE HORNET that has invaded her hive. This adventure allows us to discover the dark side of a colony that is utopian at first glance. The film also explores the world of bees in more depth, with a story that highlights the fear of the unknown, of the dark, of claustrophobia, pushed in that by a macro camera which follows the character, in an alternative and frightening documented universe.

Karri Esala, Finland, 2022, 2'24"
An alcohol-thirsty fellow seeks for a drink. Unbeknownst to him, his recklessness manifests into violence towards those around him.

Bananas for Ice Cream
Risto Kütt, Estonia, 2022, 3'8"
A Story about a Banana, who drops and leaves everything behind, just to chase down an Ice Cream Truck for a Delicious Cone.

Red Rabbit
Rory Kerr, Irealand, 2022, 4'50"
An anthropomorphic rabbit struggles to find peace and relaxation at home. These attempts are thwarted by a destructive shoulder devil, who takes glee in ruining any chance of tranquility.

Kevin Merzoug, Youssef M'barek, Anthony Koson, Mayank Modi, Robin Audras, France, 2021, 4'
After exhausting all the resources of the earth, Mankind left to draw energy from another planet. However, an industrial disaster will compromise its survival.

Carp Xmass
Anna Heribanová, Czech Republic, 2022, 8'
Carp XMass is a short naturalistic dramedy, a truly lovely family film. Once upon a time in a small village in a far-away land, carp are preparing for Christmas eve - peaceful and happy as required by the traditions. But Christmas has failed to meet these values a long time ago. They have become the peak of the year-round consumption and there are some who may lose their lives in the honor of these sacred days.

The films are shown in the original language with English subtitles.

We do not recommend watching the program for people under the age of 18.

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Most vagy soha! (12)

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Les Indésirables (16)

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Carte Rouge – Vörös térkép (12)

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Cocorico (12)

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The Zone of Interest (16)

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FILM/MUSIC: Werckmeister Harmonies (16)

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Back to Black (16)

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Kalman's Day (16)

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