In Memoriam William Shakespeare

23 april 2014 16:30 - 22:00

Location: Díszterem, Kávézó

Uránia National Film Theatre joins The Hungarian Shakespeare Committee , and Pannonia Entertainment and and its partners: Gondolat Kiadó, Kossuth Kiadó, Akadémiai Kiadó Zrt. in celebrating the Bard of Avon and his work on the 450th anniversary of his birth.


Photo Exhibition

On the occasion of the anniversary, a temporary photo exhibition will be open to the public between 23 and 30 April at the Uránia, highlighting the past and present of Shakespeare's Globe in London as well as the screenings of The Bard’s plays. Organized by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd., the Hungarian Distributor of Globe on Screen series, and Uránia National Film Theatre.

Uránia Café

Open event

Book fair

The following books are available for purchase at discount prices:

Robert Nye: The late Mr. Shakespeare (Hungarian edition)

Bill Bryson: Shakespeare. The World as Stage (Hungarian edition)

William Shakespeare: Sonnets (English-Hungarian edition)

William Shakespeare: Sonnets (Hungarian audio book, read by Pál Mácsai)
Charles and Mary Lamb: Tales from Shakespeare (Hungarian audio book, read by Anna Györgyi)

Organized by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

16:30-17:15 Discussion about Robert Nye’s novel ‘The Late Mr. Shakespeare’
Tamás Bényei, literary historian, critic, literary translator, Professor at Debrecen University, translator of the book

Géza Kállay, writer, literary historian, Shakespeare scholar, Professor at the Department of English Studies at ELTE

Organized by Gondolat Kiadó.

Uránia Café

Open event

17:30-19:00 Shakespeare was born 450 years ago - Commemoration

Hosted by Ádám Nádasdy, linguist, poet, literary translator


Open event

  • Works written by contemporary composers to Shakespeare texts performed by the Erkel Ferenc Mixed Choir

Part 1

It Was A Lover …

Thomas Morley: It was a lover…

Roger Quilter: It was a lover…

Matthew Harris: It was a lover…

O Mistress Mine …

Alan Murray: O mistress mine

Roger Quilter: O mistress mine

Matthew Harris: O mistress mine

Orbán György: O mistress mine

Part 2

Come Away Death…

Jaakko Mäntyjärvi: Come away …

Roger Quilter: Come away …

Orbán György: Come away …

Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred…

Matthew Harris: Tell me where is fancy bred…

  • Commemorative speech: Péter Dávidházi
    Tribute to the playwright was born 450 years ago

  • Performance by actor Gábor Csőre

  • Budapesti Tomkins Énekegyüttes: Madrigals from Shakespeare’s times

Thomas MORLEY: Ballets

Thomas TOMKIKINS: Madrigals

Thomas MORLEY: Ballets

 Organized by the Hungarian Shakespeare's Committee.

 Participation fee

Participation at the open events is free of charge, but places are limited and available in the order of arrival. Registration by filling in the form here is also recommended.

Tickets for the screening of The Tempest are available at HUF 3,600 at the Uránia, and can also be booked online (here and here) or on +36 1 486-3400, +36 1 486-3401, +36 1 486-3413 and +36 1 486-3414.


Registration form

Registration to past events is not possible

Marooned on a distant island with his daughter Miranda, Prospero has spent twelve years perfecting his magic arts. Now, with the help of the spirit Ariel, he raises a storm at sea, bringing within his grasp the enemies who robbed him of his dukedom. But what vengeance does he propose to take?

This culminating masterpiece of Shakespeare’s career pits the desire for revenge against the demands of love and asks if man is capable of creating a brave new world.

For the English booklet in pdf, please click here

Director: Des McAnuff

Set designer: Robert Brill
Costume designer: 
Paul Tazewell
Michael Roth
Nicola Pantin


Christopher Plummer - Prospero, Milano hercege
Trish Lindström - Miranda, Prospero lánya
Juliana Soelistyo - Ariel
Dion Johnsotne - Caliban, szolga
Gareth Potter - Alonso király fia
Peter Hutt - Alonso, Nápoly királya
Timothy D. Stickney - Sebastien, Alonso király testvére
John Vickery - Antonio, Prospero testvére,  trónkövetelő
James Blendick - Gonzalo, öreg tanácsos
Robert Persichini  Adrian, nemes
David Collins - Francisco, nemes

»Oct. 24. – Sunday«

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