Budapest Classic Film Marathon: IT

American silent comedy, bw, 72 min, 1927
English insert with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Clarence G. Badger, Josef von Sternberg

Screenplay by Hope Loring, Louis D. Lighton
Director of photography: H. Kinley Martin
Music by Carl Davis, William P. Perry
CastClara Bow, Antonio Moreno, William Austin

Hollywood legends: Adolph Zukor and Paramount

Introduction: Janka Barkóczi, researcher, archivist, National Film Institute - Film Archive

What exactly is IT, that quality that only few possess? How does that irresistible power that draws all others with its magnetic force manifest itself? This is the question popular 1920s writer Elinor Glyn sought an answer to and this is the topic of this charming comedy in which the spunky salesgirl and the handsome store manager fall for each other. Clara Bow, one of the most talented silent film stars contracted to Paramount, brings a totally new type of female character to the screen: the street-smart and cheeky city flapper building her own life, who is both appealingly attractive and innocently vulnerable. The world of The Great Gatsby dressed up as light comedy is essential viewing for fans of the era. 

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