Budapest Classic Film Marathon: Kinuyo Tanaka, A Woman We Talk About

Kinuyo Tanaka, une femme dont on parle
French documentary, colour/bw, 52 min, 2022
in French, Japanese and English with Hungarian and English

Show times:

Director: Pascal-Alex Vincent

Women’s perspective / Kinuyo Tanaka, a Woman We Talk About

Introduction by: Vincent Paul-Boncour, co-founder and director of Carlotta Films

The career of Kinuyo Tanaka, one of the greatest Japanese actresses, parallels the rise of filmmaking in the country. She first acted in front of a camera in 1924 and she worked until the 1970s, appearing in more than 200 movies throughout her long career. Few know that she also excelled as a director during the 1950-60s, achieving considerable acclaim in the male-dominated film industry through her sheer persistence. While making films she managed to insert some of her own everyday experiences as a woman and she showed that despite the earlier stereotypical characterizations, women could appear on the silver screen not solely in passive or victim roles. Her heroines have real feelings, are happy and sad, and they do not fear expressing themselves. Pascal-Alex Vincent’s portrait film brings us closer to the life and films of Tanaka, the director.

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»Jun. 15. – Saturday«
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