Anilogue 2023: Humor és mészárlás történetek

animation short film selection, 70 min, 2023
in original language with English subtitles

Show times:


Recommended for ages 18 and up

Carnal Symbiosis / Simbiosis carnal / Testi szimbiózis
rendező/director: Rocío ALVAREZ VARELA / 10:00 / 2017 / BE
Erotic experimental short film where the game and the personal transformation of the characters are more important than the reality of their bodies. 
A Set / Decorado / Díszlet
rendező/director: Alberto VÁZQUEZ / 11:00 / 2016 / ES
An existentialist ironic dark tale about the sins of society and of human relationships presented in a traditional fable setting.

Beast / Bestia / Szörnyeteg
rendező/director: Hugo COVARRUBIAS / 15:00 / 2021 / CL
Inspired by trues events, Beast delves into the life of a secret police agent in the military dictatorship in Chile.

Uncle / Tío / Nagybácsi
rendező/director: Juan José MEDINA / 12:00 / 2021 / MX
Film in stop motion, set in a dystopian world, it is the story of a twelve-year-old boy Martin and his family of miners.

Loop / Loop / Hurok
rendező/director: Pablo POLLEDRI / 7:00 / 2021 / AR
In a society where each member has a specific role and performs a certain action in an eternal loop, until a couple decide to break out.

Flesh / Carne / Hús
rendező/director: Camila KATER / 12:00 / 2019 / ES
Animation and documentary about five women, and their relationship with their bodies from childhood to old age. 

Selection Process / Proceso de selección / Kiválasztási folyamat
rendező/director: Carla PEREIRA / 3:00 / 2020 / ES
A cat goes to a job interview where his skills are evaluated by three mice.

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»Jul. 23. – Tuesday«
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Green Border (16)

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Io capitano (16)

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Bonnard: Pierre & Marthe (16)

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Bolero (12)

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Fly Me to the Moon (12)

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The First Day of My Life (16)

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The Bikeriders (16)

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Meet the Leroys (16)

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All About the Levkoviches (12)

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