Are there any English speaking shows?
The majority of the films as well as the HD shows are screened in the original language with subtitles. You can learn more about our programmes from the drop-down menu of FILMS and HD shows where the actual languages are also displayed.

How can I buy tickets?
You can buy tickets at our cash-desk in person or on our website. For the HD shows (opera, ballet, theatre, and exhibitions), tickets are available through the ticket-selling network of Jegymester.

Is it possible to pay by credit card at the cash-desk?
Yes, it is.

Is it possible to pay in Euros at the cash-desk?
No, it is not. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I book tickets?
Through our website or by telephone on the number 06-1-4863400.

Until when can booked tickets be collected?
For regular film shows, booked tickets become freely available half an hour before the beginning of the show. Tickets booked for opera, ballet, theatre, and concert transmissions can be picked up within five days of the date of booking at the cash-desk.
I clicked on the ticket buying/booking button, but the page does not come up/I did not get a confirmation email. What should I do?
Please contact us via email.

Do I have to print the ticket I bought online or is it enough to show by phone at check-in?
Our ticket management colleagues also accept the presentation on the phone.

Is there any chance of getting a ticket for a full-house show for which I could not book a ticket if I go to the film theatre?
Booked tickets that have not been picked up become available half an hour before the beginning of the shows.

If I arrive late for the show, can I still sit in the hall?
If you arrive late for a show, please ask the cashier for help.  

Is there a cloakroom at the film theatre? Is it free?
Yes, there is. Yes, it is.

What is the average temperature in the halls?
Our halls are air-conditioned. The all-year average temperature is set around 22 C°.   

If there is an age limit for a film, do you check my age?
The official age limit is a suggestion. Observing it is in the interest of the viewer.

Is there a bicycle depot in the film theatre?
No, there is not. As the film theatre has features of a historical building, bicycles cannot be brought into the building.

Is there a car park for the visitors to the film theatre?
The film theatre has no car park of its own. You can park in the neighbouring streets – learn more about parking belts on the links as follows:
The nearest underground garage can be found on Blaha Lujza tér, in the Europeum shopping centre.

Can you bring dogs or other animals into the film theatre?
You can only bring guide dogs into the film theatre.

Is there a lift in the film theatre?
You can only use the lifts where necessary with the help of our colleagues.  

Can people with disabilities visit the film theatre? Is there a bathroom reserved for people with disabilities?
Yes, they can. People accompanying visitors in wheelchairs can attend the shows free of charge. There is a lift and bathroom reserved for people with disabilities.

If I cannot attend the show, can I return the ticket?
-    For Uránia shows, tickets can be returned only in the days before the show, or until the day of the show. Tickets purchased online cannot be returned.
-    For hosted shows, only tickets purchased at the cash-desk of Uránia can be returned.      

Can you organise private transmissions or other events in the film theatre?
Yes, you can. For more information, select VENUE HIRE from the drop-down menu.     

Can I take food, drink, and snacks into the halls?
No, you cannot. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you take pictures of the interior area of the film theatre?
Yes, for private use. In any other cases, ask for the Operational Manager’s permission.

Can you smoke in the film theatre?
No, you cannot smoke anywhere on the premises of the film theatre.  

»Dec. 4. – Sunday«
TicketsCall Us11:00     Díszterem

Peace - Over The People (12)

TicketsCall Us11:15     Csortos terem

Toldi (12)

TicketsCall Us11:15     Fábri terem

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris  (12)

TicketsCall Us13:30     Díszterem

Heart of Oak (6)

TicketsCall Us13:45     Fábri terem


TicketsCall Us14:00     Csortos terem

Not a Thing (16)

TicketsCall Us15:45     Csortos terem

Heights and Depths (16)

TicketsCall Us16:00     Fábri terem

Blockade (12)

TicketsCall Us16:30     Díszterem

Ennio (12)

TicketsCall Us17:45     Csortos terem

Corsage (16)

TicketsCall Us18:30     Fábri terem

Peace - Over The People (12)

TicketsCall Us19:30     Díszterem

Triangle of Sadness (16)

TicketsCall Us20:00     Csortos terem

The Key Game (18)

TicketsCall Us20:30     Fábri terem

She Said (16)

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