Bolshoi Balett 2021/2022 - Cesare Pugni: La Fille du Pharaon

Цезарь Пуни: Дочь фараона
Balett performance from the Bolshoi Ballet, Moscow stage on screen, Live, with two intervals, 165 min, 2022

Show times:

Director: Pierre Lacotte

Designer: Pierre Lacotte
Music DirectorPavel Klinichev 
Lighting Designer: Damir Ismagilov 
Conductor: Pavel Klinichev

Cast:  Ekaterina Krysanova (Aspicia),Vladislav Lantratov (Lord Wilson), Ivan Sorokin (John Bull, his servant), Elizaveta Kokoreva (Ramze, Aspicia's Nubian slave), Egor Gerashchenko (A Fisherman), Eva Sergeyenkova (The Fisherman's Wife), Alexander Fadeyechev (The Pharaoh), Yuri Ostrovsky (The King of Nubia), Alexander Vodopetov (The God of the River Nile), Alexei Loparevich (The High Priest)


Due to the current situation, we regret to inform you that the cinema retransmission of The Pharaoh's Daughter live from the Bolshoi Theatre, initially scheduled for May 1, will technically not be able to take place. Tickets purchased we will be refunded. For more information, please contact  sajto@urania-nf.hu

Thank you for your understanding!


“A Dream from the Past” — such was the sign, written in bold letters so it was visible through the thick clouds covering the stage, that appeared at the end of the prologue to the ballet LaFille du Pharaon, at its premiere performance in 1862. And this was followed by a grandiose spectacle, the like of which had never been seen by imperial ballet. Here there was something for alltastes. A desert storm, a lion-hunt, various chases, several suicide attempts, a fantastic celebration of all the world’s rivers and also of nereids and nymphs at the bottom of the majestic Nile. Thecast included an English aristocrat traveler, his servant, a Sancho Panza-like character, a Nubian King, Armenian merchants who, after smoking opium, had found themselves in Ancient Egypt...And in theheavens there appeared Egyptian gods, under the command of Osiris and Isis.

La Fille du Pharaon was immensely popular with the public. To obtain a box for a performance of this ballet, which started at 7.30 in the evening and ended just before midnight, was considereda great feat. La Fille had a long and happy performance history. First produced by Marius Petipa in 1862, at Petersburg’s Bolshoi Theatre, it was given several revivals. It was adored byPetersburg ballerinas, especially Mathilda Kshessinska who regarded the ballet as her ’personal property’ and shone in it not only by virtue of her technique, but also thanks to her Romanov Fabergediamonds. In La Fille, Kshessinska felt herself to be the ’queen of the ball’.


Distributor: Cikanek Management

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