Spanish Film Week 2021: One Careful Owner

El incoveniente
Spanish comedy, 89 min, 2020
in Spanish with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Bernabé Rico

Cast: Carlos Areces, Juana Acosta, Kiti Mánver

In 2019 Sevilla (Andalusia, in southern Spain), Sara is a successful life-insurance worker and happily married for 8 years to Daniel. She learns of a very inexpensive apartment in the city and meets real-estate agent Óscar to have a guided tour of the apartment. It's absolutely perfect, but Sara won't be able to move in until the current, elderly owner Lola passes on. Intrigued, Sara visits the apartment to visit Lola and finds a loudmouthed chain-smoking (and not just regular cigarettes!), free-spirited triple-bypass survivor. Lola is a force of nature whose attitude and passion for life and fun crash against Sara's more-conservative attitude. Despite her wish to move into the apartment, Sara can't help worrying about Lola and looking after her even when Lola drives her crazy with her philosophy of life and her celeb quotes. Things change drastically when Sara discovers Daniel being unfaithful with workmate Elena. Sara goes straight to Lola for a listening ear and friendly advice, and Lola shares her past with her husband Victor. Trying to return the favor, Sara finds Victor so they might at least try to reconcile, then wonders if she could forgive Daniel. But when they meet, Daniel tells her that Elena is pregnant and Daniel wants to divorce Sara to be with Elena and their child. Desperate, Sara calls Lola and discovers that there are worse things than her husband leaving her for another woman.

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Pénztárnyitás: az első előadás előtt 30 perccel.
Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel.
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